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Austin, TX Real Estate: How Spacious Should Your House Really Be?

Homes are getting bigger in terms of square footage as time goes by. Sure, there are a few “tiny homes” around every corner, but as families get bigger, the American thinking goes typically along the lines that “bigger is better.”

Austin, TX Real Estate How Spacious Should Your House Really Be

Here’s a bit of proof: U.S. Census data have shown that the size of an average home in the nation has nearly doubled since the ‘50s. In addition, a 2012 report released by the Census Bureau listed a massive jump in home square footage since 1973—a 62.6% increase for homes averaging 2,480 square feet. Even though the average family size is dropping, people are choosing bigger homes for rather extravagant reasons: four-car garages, man caves, walk-in closets, double master bedrooms, and even guest rooms.

Austin real estate listings from firms, such as Top Austin Houses, include homes of nearly all sizes, from mansions to more modest ones. Any experienced realtor will advise that the important mistake to avoid here is to end up being in a house that feels really cramped, or a house overly massive that a lot of space simply go to waste.

Of all the things that should influence the choice of square footage, family size practically tops the list. There are even sizeable homes that can’t even accommodate a family of four kids with a couple of pets. There are homes, too, where rooms are barred from children’s use, and rooms that are underutilized, such as a basement that gets used solely as storage.

Each family need is unique. Some families expand while others are set, and some others settle for years before adding a new member. A couple with a rather large house can opt to sell their home once their children have moved out, and move into a smaller home. Most couples find the switch incredibly rewarding with upkeep costs slashed considerably.

A house that ends up too big for your need is a waste, and one that is too small you can hardly find an uncluttered corner can be vexing. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of basing square footage on need: for instance, couples planning to stay and have kids should definitely consider extra bedroom space. Consult with your local Austin, TX real estate office about houses that fit your family needs adequately.


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