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Top Austin Houses: How to Connect Online and Advantages of Doing So

The real estate market of Austin, Texas has been pretty busy since the start of 2015, and it’s predicted to stay thriving or even become more exciting in the months ahead. Some houses for sale can even receive multiple offers even before they open for public viewing! This could be intimidating for some buyers and challenging for sellers, which is why if you’re one or the other, you should take all the help you can get.

I might have just what you need. My name is Barbara Siegwalt, an established REALTOR® in Austin, Texas working with Keller Williams Realty and the woman behind Top Austin Houses. I use plenty of accessible online channels to interact with clients and prospective clients more conveniently, and you can certainly reach me through these channels.

Connecting with Top Austin Houses Online

Subscribe to my app for accurate and up-to-date property details of homes for sale or for lease in Austin, other cities in Texas, and across the U.S. Alternatively, you can sign up for my “See More Listings” newsletter for unlimited access and email alerts to our home listings and market price trends. You can also search for specific properties or browse listings, read the blogs on the website, and follow my page on Facebook (

Advantages of Being an Online Subscriber or Follower

The main use of these channels is to allow you to conveniently explore properties (homes, condos, and other buildings for sale or for lease) and their features. You can check our new or featured listings, or create and save refined searches based on what you’re looking for or based on your property’s features. You can compare prices per location, take advantage of special promos, and get tips from relevant topics like improving properties for higher returns.

If you’re a buyer or lessee, these capabilities could make the search easier for you. If you’re a seller, this could help you determine the right price to sell or lease your property.  If you’re still scanning your options or sitting on the property until market conditions are in your favor, you can monitor trends and decide more confidently when the best time is to buy or sell your property.

Of course, you can make the search for a buyer, lessee, seller, or lessor easier with my help. Call me at 1-512-7455883, and let’s set up a meeting to discuss what you’re looking for.